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Roosterfish big kayak pedasi panama
  • What airport do I need to fly in to?
    You will need to fly into Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.
  • Do I need malaria tablets, vaccinations or jabs to come to Panama?"
    Currently, you do not need any jabs to come to Panama. Also, our area of the Azuero Peninsula is free of Malaria.
  • Do I need to spend a night in Panama City when I arrive?
    If your flight arrives before 2pm then its possible to make the journey to Pedasi that day. Its around a 5 hour drive. If you arrive later in the day or at night then its best to take a hotel for the night in Panama City and then head down to us the following day. We can advise on hotels and procedure for your transfer when you get in touch.
  • How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Panama City?
    We can arrange a 'meet and greet' service with our driver, Adrian. The rate is $35 to get you into the city from the Airport. Alternatively, you can get a 'yellow cab' at the airport which is the same price.
  • Is it safe in Panama and Pedasi?
    Panama City, like any big city in the world has a couple of areas that you should avoid but on the whole its a very safe city to visit and enjoy. We can advise you on the best hotels to use and areas to stay. Its a buzzing metropolis and surprisingly modern! Pedasi, is a lovely sleepy little village with good vibes all-round. There's a wonderful mix of expats and locals here that creates a warm and friendly vibe. Its certainly very safe.
  • What is the local currency?
    The local currency is the US DOLLAR $. Its best to change your currency back at home before you come to get the best rates if coming from outside the US.
  • How do I get from Panama City to Pedasi?
    You can do this in several ways: 1: You can hire your own car and drive by yourself. 2: We can arrange for a driver and private vehicle to bring you down to Pedasi and back afterwards. 3: We can arrange a 'meet and greet' service with our partners in the city. They will bring you to the coach terminal in the city, buy you your tickets and make sure you and your luggage are all sorted on the correct coach to Pedasi. We will meet you at the terminal here when you arrive. The coach services here are safe, reliable and comfortable. 4: If you're a well seasoned traveller then of course you can just make your own way here as you see fit. We are happy to advise if required.
  • What happens when I get to Pedasi?
    When you get to Pedasi, we will arrange to meet with you to get acquainted and show you to your accommodation and give you a tour of the village so you can get your bearings. We will make plans with you for the fishing and discuss our itinerary with you.
  • Whats the best time of the year to come?
    April through to December are the best months to come for boat fishing. We find the best sea conditions in these months and all together more comfortable climate and weather for being out on the ocean. We also have all of our fish species present through the green season. January through March can be windy and very hot, we are often blown off the ocean at this time of year. If you have specific species you wish to target then get in touch and we can advise exactly when would be best for you. January through April are the best months for shore fishing, when the north wind blows.
  • Are you fully licenced and insured?
    Yes we are. The boat is fully insured and licenced for sport fishing and tourist activities. We also have extensive public liability and business insurance.
  • Do you provide all the necessary safety equipment?
    We take your safety very seriously here at FISH PEDASi. We have lifejackets for everyone, carry flares, a VHF radio, GPS equipment, a comprehensive first aid kit and tool kit. We also carry a GARMIN INREACH satelite communicator device with us at all times. If ever there is an emergency or medical situation then we are able to get help at the push of a button. This connects to the Iridium satellite and gives peace of mind enabling you to relax and enjoy your fishing adventure with us.
  • Do you provide all the fishing tackle and equipment?
    For boat fishing, then trolling and livebait fishing gear is included in tyhe day rate . You are welcome to hire jigging, popping, lure fishing rods and reels if you wish to practice that kind of fishing and that is $50 per person per day. In short, we can proivide everything you require. Any tackle or equipment that is lost or broken is chargeable at cost price. A lot of anglers like to bring their own reels and terminal tackle and then take advantage of our hire rods for the jigging and popping. This way you don't need to worry about bringing rod tubes on the plane. If you have any questions then get in touch!
  • Can I bring my own fishing gear?
    You are more than welcome to bring your own fishing gear. Our custom designed boat is fitted out with a fantastic T-top to carry all your rods in a safe and well protected manner. We are happy to talk tackle and advise you.
  • Whats the maximum number of anglers you can take at a time?
    We can take groups of up to 3 anglers in the boat. We prefer small groups so we can give you all of our attention and put you on the fish. Nobody likes to be competing for fish.
  • I only want to fish for a couple of days, is that ok?"
    Sure it is! Get in touch with your dates to see if we can accommodate you. You can fish for as many or as few days as you choose. Just let us know what you're looking for and we will do what we can to accommodate you.
  • Can I come with my wife/partner as a non-fishing guest?
    Of course, you may bring your non-fishing wife/partner if you choose. If there is space on the boat they may accompany you if they so wish. However, there are no toilet facilities onboard. If they choose to stay at the lodging then there are various other tourist activities to enjoy in the surrounding area and many miles of beaches to explore.
  • Can we bring our children along?
    There is limited space on our boat but we are happy to welcome children/teens that are keen on fishing with a genuine passion for it. Please discuss this with us if its something you wish to do, although we have the final say on whether they may join you on the day with regard to the ocean conditions. Safety first.
  • How long are we on the water every day?
    When fishing from the boat then we work on an average 8 hour day, which is plenty of time on the water. We always stop for lunch and take a break to give the captain a chance to relax. It breaks the day up nicely as well.
  • I've never done this type of fishing before. Will I be ok?
    Don't worry if you have little experience of this kind of fishing. We are here to help you and are used to guiding and assisting our guests to help you catch that special fish. Sam is a great teacher and will happily show you the ropes. You don't need any prior experience to enjoy a day fishing on the boat with us.
  • What sort of clothing shoud I bring for when we're out on the ocean?
    Out on the ocean we recommend lightweight polyester, artificial fibres....they dry quickly and are all-round more comfortable in the tropics. Typically - long sleeved fishing shirts, long trousers, a buff to protect your neck and face, a quality hat or cap, sunglasses. Fishing gloves. Comfortable water shoes for the boat. A lightweight waterproof jacket too, in case we get caught in a shower. Plenty of factor 50+ sunscreen! We send out a detailed list upon confirmation of your booking so you can come prepared.
  • I want to be 100% independant, are there self-catering or Airbnb options ?
    Yes, there are self-catering and airbnb accommodation options available here in the village. Just ask us about these when making your enquiries.
  • Are there lots of bugs and biting insects to worry about?
    In May, when we get the first rain it can be a little buggy with hatches of beetles and other insects but they don't bite. Its actually one of our seasonal spectacles and really rather cool to see. There can be mosquitos or 'no-see-ums' on occasions too but they are rarely a problem here. Bring some repellent and long sleeve trousers/pants and shirts for the evening, just in case.
  • What's the local food like?
    The local food is mostly a mix of fresh fish, beef and chicken, rice, beans, plantains and salads. BBQ, fried and stewed chicken is the locals dish of choice generally speaking. Thanks to the expat community you can also find more international flavours such as pizza, pasta, mexican, BBQ Smoke house and grill, Spanish Especialities etc...
  • Is it expensive to eat and drink out in the evening?
    It's cheap to eat out here in Pedasi. At the bottom end you can go out and eat BBQ chicken and have a beer for around 6 Dollars. Local beers in the bars are between 1 and 2 Dollars and 60 cents in the supermarkets. Imported beers are a little more expensive. You can grab a pizza for between 5 to 10 Dollars. There are more upscale restaurants where you can have a full rack of slow smoked ribs, fillet steak, whole fried snapper with all the trimmings and a couple of drinks for around 20/25 Dollars per person.
  • Is there WIFI and Internet?
    Most of the accommodation provides WIFI and there are also INTERNET hot-spots in the village provided by the government so everyone can get online. WhatsApp and Signal are the preferred means of communicaton here in Panama.
  • Can I hire a car if I want to?
    You can hire a car directly at the airport in Panama City if you want one for the duration of your stay. In Pedasi, there is a small rental station where you can rent one by the day if you so wish.
  • What else is there to do in the area if we decide to stay for longer?
    Pedasi is part of the state of Los Santos and there are many tourist activities to engage in. You can go whale whatching, see the turtles, surf, horse riding, snorkelling, hiking, visiting the local rum distillery or just enjoy mile upon mile of our stunning coastline and beaches. Visits to Iguana Island and Canas Island are also recommended. There are many festivities and annual bank holidays when the local community goes crazy and party hard. They like to celebrate their local culture and music with copious quantities of beer and the local spirit 'Seco'. The locals here know how to party and are fiercely proud of their culture and history. November is a big party month here in Panama with many bank holidays.
  • Are there shore fishing options as well?
    Yes, there are. The 2 town beaches - Playa Arenal and Playa Toro have some good shore fishing marks that Sam knows very well. They can be productive in the early mornings, evenings or at night if you've still got the energy! If you're keen then talk to Sam.
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