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Fishing Pedasi Panama


Our beautiful sport-fishing boat was custom designed by us as the perfect vessel for the remote waters here surrounding the Azuero Peninsula and the fishing styles that we love. The boat was designed for casting lures, poppers, flies, baits and dropping jigs from the front with its extensive flat, open deck and casting platform. At the rear, we are geared up for trolling lures and fishing livebait. 


It's a 22ft custom built Panga with a 100% fibreglass construction, built here in Panama by local craftsmen. It is perfectly suited to the beach launches and landings we often do in this remote corner of Panama. We wanted something that was clutter free, simple and a pleasure to fish from so we based the design on a centre console style. Being able to walk around the boat fully while fishing and fighting fish was of great importance to us due to our preferred fishing styles. The design gives us a comfortable central seating and storage area with convenient rod holders and shade provided by the T - Top. We are very happy with how it turned out. For the active styles of fishing we practice it is the perfect boat!


The boat is fitted out with the latest Garmin Echomap Sonar/GPS, VHF Radio, Live-well, all the necessary safety and first aid equipment with no less than 26 rod holders! The boat is powered by a brand new Yamaha Enduro 60hp engine and there is ample deck space, cushioned seating and plenty of storage which makes it a dream to fish from. 

We also carry a GARMIN IN-REACH Satellite Communicator which connects to the Iridium Satellite Network. Help is available at the click of a button should we ever need it in an emergency. Your safety is our number 1 priority!

We decided to call the boat 'Buenas Vibras' which means 'Good Vibes' in Spanish! We're all about the good vibes here at FISH PEDASi.

Buenas Vibras- best shot!.jpg
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