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Fishing Pedasi Panama

What's it all about?

Our fishing business was set up to provide a professional, dedicated sport fishing operation for adventurous and independent travelling anglers. We realised there was a gap in the market for those wishing to do cost effective DIY trips to Panama that provide a little more freedom, flexibility and choice than is found at many fishing lodges - not everyone wants to join a group or fish in a crowd....FISH PEDASi was born!

We offer boat and shore fishing charters and will happily put together a package that fits your needs and time-frame perfectly. We can advise on all the logistics at this end too, offering a dedicated private transport service here in Panama ensuring you arrive rested and relaxed, ready to fish. For the lodging during your trip, there are a number of different accomodation options available in our beautiful little fishing village, Pedasi. There is something to suit every budget and we will find you the perfect place to stay! 

By using our hotels, stores, bars, restaurants and services you are directly supporting the local community. You will also have the chance to absorb a little of the culture and are free to do as you please in the evenings, at your leisure. You won't get that experience at a fishing lodge and as such are sure to get a true taste of Panama's interior, its people, their warm hospitality, the excellent fishing and our wonderful village - Pedasi. We aim to provide an experience and adventure that won't be forgotten. The Azuero Peninsula is a true gem!

Why us?

Tuna Fishing Pedasi Panama

FISH PEDASi is the towns original, professional and independant, English speaking guiding operation offering bespoke charters to anglers from all around the world. We have been fishing here personally since 2013 and professionally since 2018. We aim to give you a good taste of all that the rich waters of the Azuero Peninsula can provide with top tier service, care and attention. By booking a fishing trip with us you are choosing experience, passion, knowledge and professionalism that has been hard earned through many years of fishing these waters. We know all the best spots and offer serious trips for serious anglers!

Our friendly, professional guide, Sam, will be on hand at all times to ensure you have the best chance of success. Unlike other operators or lodges, we only take one group at a time. You won't have to share with anyone else and will have our full attention at all times. This is your trip and you get to do what you want, when you want. We love nothing more than to see our anglers realise their dreams and catch that fish of a lifetime - Roosterfish and Cubera Snapper are a speciality of ours!


We are your point of contact and will personally manage everything from your first enquiry right through to the end of your trip. By working directly with us there are no agents, middle men, hidden costs or surprises to worry about. We believe that this is one of the most cost effective ways you can enjoy a tropical fishing adventure here in Panama. This ideology lies at the heart of our ethos.

Why Pedasi?

panama flag.png
panama flag.png

Pedasi, lies at the tip of the Azuero Peninsula in an area that has been affectionately named the 'Tuna Coast'. We are ideally situated to fish on both sides and have a huge fishing area at our disposal, inshore and offshore. This is one of the most diverse fisheries in the Eastern Pacific and we are also located in Panamas 'Dry Arc', meaning we have the lowest annual rainfall in the whole country. Our seasons are roughly spilt in two with a high summer season from January to March which can be incredibly hot and very windy, limiting fishing possibilities. From April onwards is the green season when we get our rainfall, much more tranquil conditions and the best of the fishing by far. Our boat fishing season runs from APRIL to DECEMBER.


The green season offers a much greater degree of comfort for fishing with more overcast days, some showers, calm seas and often very little wind. Being in Panamas 'dry arc', we have totally different weather to the rest of the country. The Pedasi area has its own micro-climate and is classed as 'Tropical Savanna'. Its common to have beautiful, sunny days at this time of year. All our fishing areas are accessible due to the calmer conditions and it provides the best of the action as the pelagic fish come closer to shore and mix with our usual inshore species as well. Along with these, we also find huge schools of blue runners present which often have the big predators hot on their heels. It's a time of plenty and gives you the best chances of tracking down the monsters that our fishery is famous for.


This area has the potential to throw up world record class fish at literally any moment. We have proven this by smashing both the IGFA all-tackle record for Cubera Snapper and the IGFA length record for Roosterfish in 2023. There are giant Almaco Jacks here and many other species that rock the record books on a regular basis.


There is a small community of artisanal fishermen in Pedasi who many years ago had the foresight to ban the use of nets in the district. We are the only district in the country that has enforced this rule and herein lies the reason we have such a vibrant, sustainable fishery. The local fishermen use handlines and mostly target plate sized snappers for the restaurant trade. Additionally, the nearest actual marina/dock with slips is up near Panama City so there is no fleet of big game/sportfishing boats here churning up the ocean. The fishing pressure is low. The there are literally just a small handful of boats sport fishing in the district which means that we are blessed with plenty of space to fish and explore our lightly fished waters in peace.

Pedasi itself is a lovely, lazy little village with a nice mix of locals and expats that creates a unique and friendly vibe. Theres a good selection of restaurants and bars to keep you entertained in the evening, several well stocked supermarkets and stores with just about everything you may need. We also have a dedicated fishing shop.

Your host, guide and captain




Sam is from the UK originally, a complete fishing nut since childhood and has been chasing fish in Panama since 2013. He was the operations manager and head fishing guide at 'Panama Kayak Adventure' fishing lodge for 3 years (2018 -2020) where he specialised in extreme kayak fishing for huge fish. He has notched up an incredible list of trophy fish in his time here. He's travelled and fished all over the world, from the mountain lakes of Iran to Ascension Island in the mid-Atlantic. 18 countries in total. He also starred in the recent televised BBC TV fishing competition 'The Big Catch' which involved fishing for bucket-list fish in 6 different countries. He came second. Not only that, he has been supplying articles and photos for fishing magazines around the world since 2016. Sam is like a walking encyclopedia of fishing and incredibly passionate about it too.

As a true all-rounder of the sport, Sam is happy fishing lures, jigs, bait or casting a fly. He has all the necessary skills to guide you and give you the best chance to catch the fish of your dreams when here fishing with us. He's caught everything from Marlin to Minnows!


Its been his lifelong ambition to be running his own sport-fishing operation. FISH PEDASi is the result of his many years of hard graft and determined effort. He lives, eats, breathes and sleeps fishing. You're in good hands!


Sam is the owner and head guide of FISH PEDASi, he's based in Panama. Due to his profound knowledge and passion about fishing possibilities around the world he also operates FISH TRAVELS LLC, a marketing and booking platform offering fishing adventures world wide.

The Team




Adrian is our man on the ground in Panama City, where he was born and bred. He lives there with his family and will be your first point of contact when you arrive. He speaks perfect English and provides our 'meet and greet' services at the airport, transport within the city and your transfers to Pedasi and back again. He can also provide a multitide of tours in and around the city and the rest of the country if required, just ask! Adrian is a registered tour guide in Panama and an asset to us at FISH PEDASi.

He's an all-round top guy and will take good care of you while in the city being able to offer a wealth of local information and advice for new arrivals. 



Theo, T or Mr T, as he is affectionately known is originally from South Africa and moved here to Pedasi with his family a few years ago. T helps out with the day to day running of the fishing operation. He is our 'right hand man' and a professional when it comes to handling the boat in the surf, trailering it and keeping up with the maintenance routine. He will be on hand to help us when we launch and land every day and brings a lot of muscle to the operation.


He is an aspiring DJ in his spare time, a tech wizard and also likes to wet a line every now and then with a string of quality fish to his name during recent trips.

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